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About us

We are Projectium.Network - a networking platform for building communities around projects. We help early-stage founders to validate their business ideas, get feedback and find other like-minded creators.

Our platform is a new digital Silicon Valley where new products are born.

Why is it important to build a community around your startup?#

A community gives founders that missing puzzle - a source of ideas for product improvement, idea validation, feedback and more. Through your startup community you find early product adopters, business partners, investors and create a loyal audience (which convert into customers).

How is Projectium better than other startup platforms?#

At Projectium we make thing interactive.

Instead of presenting your project to people in text - you get an attractive project page with latest news, events, open roles and community discussion.

Instead of looking through a lot of spam on Reddit - you get personal project recommendations based on your interests.

Instead of publishing it on ProductHunt once - you grow it on Projectium every day, build loyal community and track results.

Our mission#

We connect startup enthusiasts to give the world better products and services by helping early-stage startups reach their target audience and get feedback from the industry experts.

Good products become great when built together, in public. And Projectium is on the mission to make your early startup journey as convenient as it's possible.