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Profile customization

A beautiful profile page can attract new followers and turn into new connections with potential collaborators and future partners. You can also use it as your portfolio page where you can feature your:

  • Self made projects
  • Personal achievements
  • Tell people about your story
  • Let them interact with you and visit your pages

Let your profile work for you#

Your profile on Projectium is a key to meet your potential teammates and co-founders. It's a great way to build trust and show your skills, achievements and goals. When you build a community on Projectium and you're looking for co-founders - they will use your profile to learn more about you. That's why a clear and solid profile can help you easier build new connections.

Here's what you can do in order to improve your profile:

  • 1 Upload an avatar

    An avatar is a must-have for any online business communication. It builds trust & warm relations.

  • 2 Add your status

    'Status' helps you describe yourself in a few words.

  • 3 Fill your skills

    Show what you can do & your experience

  • 4 Customize with interactive cards

    Build a portfolio of your projects, works and achievements.